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Blood Pressure

If you wish to have your blood pressure checked, please book a 10 minute appointment with the health care assistants.

High blood pressure is one of several ‘risk factors’ that can increase your chance of developing heart disease, a stroke or other serious health problems. Initial treatment includes a change in lifestyle risk factors where they can be improved; losing weight if you are overweight, taking regular physical activity, eating a healthy diet and reducing your alcohol, salt and caffeine intake. Life-long medication may be needed to lower your blood pressure.

If a GP or Nurse has recently found your blood pressure to be raised and has asked for it to be rechecked, please book an appointment with one of the health care assistants so they have time to address any questions around lifestyle change that you may have.

Machines are available from local pharmacies (or online), to measure your blood pressure at home. (On your upper arm is best, not around the wrist.) We aim for readings less than 130/80mmHg on home readings.

If your blood pressure is persistently high when in surgery and/or on home readings then we will recommend you wear a blood pressure monitor for 24hrs.  If the 24hr readings confirm high blood pressure then you will need to make a 20min appointment with our Healthcare assistant.

At this appointment you will need to bring a urine specimen. Blood tests and an ECG will be taken. Your GP will use this information to calculate your risk of developing health problems due to your blood pressure within the next 10 years. This will help them to decide if you require medication to lower your blood pressure and/or cholesterol levels.

Further information about blood pressure can be found at

High blood pressure/Hypertension

If you are already taking medication to control your blood pressure we need to monitor your condition on an annual basis. This is to ensure that your blood pressure remains at an acceptable level (blood pressure tends to rise naturally as we age) and review your medication. We will also reinforce any lifestyle changes that may benefit you and perform some blood tests to ensure that your kidneys are working effectively. Due to the blood tests needed, we usually offer these appointments in the morning clinics only. Our health care assistants can see you for these annual checks and we aim to see people around the time of their birthdays.

Please also bring in a fresh urine sample to this appointment.

Please tell the receptionists if you require a Hypertension check so that they can allocate the right amount of time.

If your blood pressure is not well controlled on your current medication, you will be asked to see Nurse Lilyma Thapa. She will discuss further treatment options with you as well as give advice on lifestyle factors, arrange for any medication needed and arrange to review you if necessary.

Heart Disease or Stroke

If you have ever had a heart attack or been diagnosed with a heart problem, including angina or valve problems or if you have ever had a stroke then please book into the high blood pressure/Hypertension clinic as above.  We aim to do this around the time of your birthday.

We ask you to bring a fresh urine sample with you to this clinic. We may ask you to have an ECG if you have not had one recently.

Further information about heart disease can be found at

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